Mimi + Me: A True Human Story

Mimi + Me:  A True Human Story

Terra & Co: 

Anyone can become a Refugee

Azra Hajdarevic
March 14, 2018

I started my business with my sister, Amra.   

Our concept is to empower other women. 

We can not succeed if half of us are held back....

 My sister and I were born and raised in Bosnia. We were kids when war broke down in our homeland, and we lived under siege in Sarajevo for four years. Our childhood was tainted with blood, hunger, sounds of guns and grenades, but there were always people who helped us. So many organizations like Unicef, UN, Red Cross were there for us helping with food, water, and necessities. We both feel enormous gratitude towards anyone who made those years more bearable for us. 

 Post-war we immigrated to the States with our family. I always had a dream of creating a business model that would pay forward.  I wanted to be able to help others the way I had been helped in a time of need. That's how Terra & Co, was born.

We create every day products without chemicals made in the USA. Our star product is our Activated Charcoal toothpaste.  "BUY ONE, GIVE ONE" is our  business model. For every toothpaste purchased on our site terraandco.com we donate one to Downtown Women's Shelter in L.A. https://www.downtownwomenscenter.org/

Our goal is to grow and empower each other. We can not succeed if half of us are held back. Having hardships, being homeless or becoming a refugee can happen to anyone. Extending a helping hand in those times is what is truly important. 

activated charcoal toothpaste


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