Mimi + Me: The Spicy World of Hildie Plumpepper!


Mimi + Me:  The Spicy World of Hildie Plumpepper!

I find a lot of different things to be beautiful. 
The beauty for me is actually in the difference. 
I like things that go left, when everything else goes right. 
Not just for the sake of being different though,
but because you are standing in what you believe,
and you are strong enough to stand alone. 
It takes a lot of courage. 
We say that beauty comes in all different shapes,
cultures, sizes and age, yet we rarely celebrate
those unique qualities that make us all distinct. 
Celebrating the unpopular and the ignored is not
just about displaying them,
its about showing them in the most beautiful way possible. 
Fashion Illustrator, and self proclaimed "fashion nerd mom"
Jill Anthony is the creative force behind Hildie Plumpepper,
the silver haired girl on the go. 
I absolutely fell in love with this colorful beauty who wears the latest
and chicest fashions and empowers women with her carefree spirit
and supreme confidence in herself. 
Hildie PlumPepper is ultimately a reflection of Jill,
who is even more fierce and intriguing. 
I asked Jill to share her story with us. . .
It started with my love for fashion.
I was looking for a little project I could do while my kids
were at school and that's when I started drawing Hildie.
She is designed like a paper doll and wears it all,
from couture and current trends, to movie costumes,
and carries it off with panache.
The fact that she is depicted as an older woman with bags,
wrinkles and gray hair, makes Hildie an unlikely fashion muse.
I don't like the idea of what's considered "age appropriate".
I think what women find appealing about Hildie
is that she defies any notion we have of how
an older woman should dress. 
        Around the time I started drawing Hildie, I began to see changes in my looks. I made a conscience decision to not fret about the wrinkles around my mouth or the gray hair that emerged a week after coloring it. Like Hildie, I've embraced my silver hair and love how it enhances my skin tone and lights up my eyes. I think as women age their beauty evolves. If you accept the changes and adjust your thinking, aging can be quite liberating. It's more about feeling and looking great at the age you are than trying desperately to look young. That's a battle I don't want to throw money at or waste my time on. I'd rather buy a new lipstick than sit and worry about a few wrinkles. 
Jill Anthony is an Illustrator from Upstate New York who studied fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.
View more of her amazing sketches and follow Jill  @hildieplumpepper
Seven Special Questions for Jill. . .
1. Describe a beautiful woman: 
    She is a woman who has come into her own. She accepts herself and carries her head high with confidence. She exudes warmth. She treats people with dignity. She is curious and creative. She has a healthy dose of self deprecating humor.
2. Who are You? 
    I am an illustrator. I am a wife and mother. I am a thrift shopper, expert pie baker and killer chili maker. I am a casual bike rider and seeker of the perfect lipstick shade. 
3. How do you like your coffee?
    I like it with vanilla creamer.
4. What's one of your favorite things about yourself? 
    My sense of humor and I try and inject a little in my drawings. 
5. What kind of animal are you?
    I would say an elephant because they are social, maternal, wise and powerful. Also wrinkled, let's not forget that!
6. Have you seen any of the following movies?
    1. Bram Stoker's Dracula
    2. Labyrinth
    3. Shaka Zulu
    4. The Princess Bride
    5. Dangerous Liaisons
    I've seen all of them but "Bram Stoker's Dracula" stands out for me. I'm a huge fan of fashion in film and the costumes in this movie are extraordinary. Gary Oldman in the red robe and white wig, and Sadie Frost in the white gown and headdress, are simply over the top fabulousness! 
7. Women bring (blank) to the world
    Women bring positive change to the world.
Look what happens when we women stand together for a cause.
We are a force to be reckoned with. 
Thank you for  sharing your world with us Jill!

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June 24, 2019

A VERY POWERFUL MARCH……………….I will be NEEDING a little TLC as I will be coming from CALIFORNIA and needing my Lipstick freshened and perhaps a SHOT of COFFEE!
YOU AN ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!

Patti Quade
Patti Quade

June 24, 2019

Hilde is my idol!

Autumn Doerr
Autumn Doerr

June 24, 2019

Hildie Plumpepper is an inspiration. Where do you see older and mature wise women be as care-free, fashionable and full of wimpy? JJill Anthony’s fabulous creation, Hildie. Thank you!

Beth Keller
Beth Keller

June 24, 2019

Jill is as unique as Hildie and both are beautiful. I love the elegance and simplicity of the drawings and that they are also so descriptive. So pleasing to look at. A special talent! You are great illustrator, Jill!

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