Mimi + Me: Professor Susan Scafidi

Mimi + Me:  Professor Susan Scafidi

Susan Scafidi

Professor and Founder of the Fashion Law Institute 

Lives in New York, NY

April 19, 2018


I don't use the word chic very lightly.  To be referred to as chic is one of the highest attributes of style.  It's a special kind of sense of fashion that is always balanced, effortless, beautiful and right for the occasion.  Professor Scafidi is always absolutely chic!

Susan Scafidi is the first professor to offer a course in Fashion Law and is the leader in establishing the field of Fashion Law.  She has played an integral role in the legal protection of fashion designs and has worked with Congress to protect the rights of models, designers, and brands.  Susan is a champion of diversity and body acceptance within the fashion industry with expertise that encompasses property, intellectual property, cultural property, international law, trusts & estates, and legal history.

Professor Scafidi founded the nonprofit, Fashion Law Institute, at Fordham Law School, which is supported by the CFDA.   She serves as it's director.  Susan is also the author of Counterfeit Chic, which has been recognized as one of the American Bar Association’s top 100 blogs.

Professor Scafidi wears our ostrich feather trim silk and organza sheath dress with floral appliqué.


From April 9th through May 2018, get to know some beautiful and inspirational women as we launch and reveal the stunning portraits shot by photographer Emmanuel André for our new women's online platform for disruptive women of style, "Mimi + Me". 

Three years ago, we met photographer by night, Emmanuel André and immediately joined forces to create a series of photographs celebrating the Mimi Plange woman. 
Mimi + Me was born.
-We invited a group of amazing women to a photo studio in NYC, but did not tell them why
-We presented each of them our entire collection and let them choose which outfit they wanted to wear for their photoshoot
-We provided hair and makeup to compliment their look
-We asked them all a few fun questions


Which talent would you most like to have?

Susan:  The answer is, I would dearly love to be able to sing.  Alas, I love music and can’t reproduce it!

What is your greatest extravagance?

Susan:  Actually it’s tea! Lipton is cheap but I really love the exotic stuff so… It might not be an extravagance in absolute financial terms but it’s definitely an extravagance.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Susan:  Actually I never set out to do this but we manage to find a new field of law, fashion law. And hopefully we helped the industry a little bit as we go along.

Which word or phrase do you most overuse?

Susan:  Honestly it’s the word “lovely” which isn’t a terrible word to overuse… It is a lovely day, a lovely dress, a lovely person, a lovely event, a lovely evening but it’s always lovely!!! (laughter)

What is your favorite word?

Susan:  It’s “Onamonapia” the word to describe words that sound like sound

What is your least favorite word?

Susan:  My least favorite word is something that a lady should never say on camera. My favorite curse word is the one that I would never say… A lady should have a little bit of mystery, no?…(laughter)


Thank you for your Beauty Susan!!!
To learn more about Susan Scafidi and The Fashion Law Institute, click here
Twitter:  @FashionLawInst
A very special thank you to photographer Emmanuel André for a beautiful collaboration.
During the day, Emmanuel André is the Chief Talent Officer of Publicis Groupe.
Emmanuel was formerly President International of TBWA\Worldwide. 
He is a French citizen who started his career in advertising in 1993 and has worked in Paris, Hong Kong and New York where he now lives. 
Follow Emmanuel:
Thank you to our amazing team behind the scenes who helped bring our Photography Project to life:
Antoinette Price, Photography & Production Assistant
Aletia Gonzales, Fashion Stylist
Day Lauren, Assistant Fashion Stylist
Dina Calabro, Hair Stylist
Oluwayseye Olusa, Video Director
Tessa Conrad, Video Editor
Katherine Contreras-Osorio, Makeup Artist
Liz Oliver, Makeup Artist
Elena Pymm, Assistant Makeup Artist
Rahsaan Gandy, Set/Video MC
Shane Inman, Set/Studio Design
 Wence Chan, Hospitality & Wine
Instagram:  @mimiplange
Twitter:  @mimiplange


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